A writer I am not, a lover of lots of things? I am. I make things, I always have, ever since I was very young and could hold a needle… and then a pencil.   Living in beautiful Silverdale on the west coast of England is calm, inspirational and perfect for the creative life I wish to lead. My head continually buzzes with ideas, only time is my enemy!

I studied Illustration and worked as a painter, a few years later and after having two daughters, I made a doll’s house. The doll’s house needed a family so I made one, miniature versions of us. And there it began, my re-introduction into the world of dolls! Sculpting is such fun and working in 3D is very different to painting. It has been a huge learning curve but very fulfilling as it brings a lot of my skills together in one little package.

I still love to paint and enjoy photography, only now I have the opportunity to explore wherever my crazy mind takes me! Like being a child again my imagination runs wild, only this time around with more experience. I have a lot of fun making these things, I hope you enjoy looking at them!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Susan. Lovely to meet the four of you this afternoon on the canal. If you could ask Sophie to follow me Twitter accounts @englishlavanda and @robinlavender53 and @shroplavender we will refollow you.

    You are very lucky to be on s canal boat.

    All the best


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