tulips 2

It seems like ages since I have written a blog post…and it is! You know how sometimes events overtake the plans you have in life, well the last 2 weeks have been one of those occasions. But I have been keen to share with you some of the more interesting snippets of the last fortnight. My garden is blooming in all its glory with spring flowers, particularly tulips. Now I have never been a fan of the noble tulip but was tempted by Sarah Ravens wonderful collections last year and and decided to give them a try. Our garden at the front of the house is only small so I chose varieties petite in stature.

tulipssm tulips

A wonderful orange tinged with a sage green, a deep but subtle red and a dark almost black beauty. The former has shot up larger than I expected and the orange shorter! I like the effect but may have to jiggle them round for next year as the orange needs to come forward in the bed. None the less, I’m very happy with the result. I would say, I rather love tulips now!

open tulips

About ten days ago I was invited to a mornings bread making at a wonderful spot called the Heron Corn Mill. There is a Shepherds Hut on site specifically for the baking group which compliments the mills production of flours… such a sensible idea. Once a month these lovely people get together to bake bread! What a joy, a morning taking in the delicious aromas in the company of enthusiasic friendly bread makers. It was heaven, an opportunity to pick up some tips on the humble art of making bread.

baking 1


Although I have ‘dabbled’ in making bread my successes have been variable and more recently gluten free bread has been my obsession. But I could not miss the chance for some good company whist needing, chatting and drinking cups of tea! Shame we had to wait till we had baked something to eat – next time bake some cake before I go! The whole process of bread making is time consuming so whilst waiting for our creations to rise we made chelsea buns, sticky and full of tasty little currents, I was in heaven…..

chelsea bunsconcentration

All the hard work was worth it and everyone produced a loaf worthy of plenty of butter and some homemade marmalade. I hope to go again, but I was a guest and the sessions are very popular, and I’m not surprised. It would be amazing if there were more places like this to share bread making sessions, it’s relaxing and you produce something useful at the end, but most of all its fun!


The Shepherds Hut at The Heron Corn Mill

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