Enjoying the sun but not getting much work done!

alf snoozing

With the beautiful weather we have been having this last week I have been spending more time outdoors and neglecting my work. Alfred and I have been for many walks and the garden has been demanding my time. Far to nice to stay indoors! Spring is racing along, bringing with it a host of beautiful flowers. My flower-beds are filling up with Fritillaries, tulips, primroses and cowslips.

frit&whitesingle frit

Our walks in the woods have been delightful and my favourite spot for primroses is at it’s best and Alfred loves to explore! Some of the clumps are enormous, far bigger than those in my garden. I even came across a pink one growing wild.

primrosespink primrose

alf primroses 2alf primroses

The evening sun was still offering some warmth for a peacock butterfly enjoying the last of the rays on a rock. Cowslips have an amazing orange centre, smaller and more delicate flowers than the primrose. How do they all stand upright on so slender a stem? Nature in it’s simplicity offers such an abundance of pleasures for us to enjoy. Tread quietly through the woods and keep a keen eye out for it’s treasures, and watch underfoot for the dog violets, celandines and speedwell, to pretty to go unnoticed.

cowslippeacock butterfly

I have experimented with gluten-free bread for a while now and maybe it was the sunshine giving my hands magical powers because this week I got it right! There have been some disasters but this was lovely, the best I’ve made so far. It doesn’t keep so well so next time I will slice it and freeze it, then use when I need it. It’s particularly good toasted with homemade Damson Gin Jam….and lots of butter of course!


Also this week my fabric from http://merchantandmills.com/ has arrived and I am in heaven! Glorious wonderful fabric, exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to get sewing, I will post when I make my first creation for summer. Beautifully packaged!

fabric parcel

Alfred has also been enjoying the sun this week. Lounging in the window soaking up the rays, it’s his favourite place in the house, apart from the fire of course! He always seems to know when I’m going to take his picture and often moves or shyes away. He’s looking smart with his new haircut, his coat is like a moles back and he gets all excited after his spring cut and bath!

Alf shyalf cl

This is my first sketch of Alfred with his short hair, he’s like a different dog but not as smelly now!

sketch alf

Time to get on with that sewing, the fabric is calling me, and if your reading this Pete ‘Happy Birthday’ x

One thought on “Enjoying the sun but not getting much work done!

  1. You should come and photograph OUR primrose clumps! We’re back from Wales now, and back to 115 emails ……


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