From the mist comes the sunshine!

mist on hollins lane

The Easter weekend is over and Silverdale is emerging from the mist! It seems we were one of the few places in the country shrouded in mist for the whole three days. But just four miles away in Arnside the sun was shining, but it didn’t stop the walkers arriving on mass. It has been like a scene from Brigadoon, an old movie I remember from childhood about a mysterious Village which appears from the mist once every hundred years and is discovered by Gene Kelly, who falls in love with a local, great stuff except for the singing.

island arnside

Must have looked a little like this – except for the water of course, just use your imagination. This is an island across from Arnside looking suitably creepy in the morning mist over the weekend. I love the way the weather doesn’t seem to bother the British, they get out there whatever the weather! We had a lovely walk from Arnside along the shore and back to Silverdale, calling for coffee and cake at the Bobbin Cafe on the way. It must be one of the best views in the country to sit and enjoy whilst eating cake!

arnside mist

Admittedly the view was a little obscured by the weather, but still very beautiful. When the horizon disappears it looks like the edge of the worlds has melted away, no difference between earth and sky.

viaduct arnside

Alfred enjoying his walk and a bit of cake of course!

alfred walk

All these pictures look cold but it wasn’t, just damp. The sun did shine whilst we sat outside with our coffee, but we continued on through the woods, which were full of daffodils and wood anemones.


Thankfully the mist has gone now and this morning sunshine welcomed us for the day. I love the mist but it’s nice to feel the sun on your face and view the world with a warm glow, spring in full bloom and people smiling, long may it continue!


Here’s to the summer!

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