A dull day, a walk and some simple sketches.

Sometimes when the weather is grey and the sky holds no light to warm the soul and no colour to lift your spirits, it’s hard to be creative and one can spend a lot of time-wasting time! Today was one of those days. Somehow the light never quite made it through the clouds to wake me up. It was a sleepy sort of day….and a Monday! Not my most favourite day of the week and was worsened by the dullness of it. But I did go for a walk, the air was still and natures colours were all on hold till the sun shone again. There was nothing shouting at me to be seen but despite this the birds were still singing oblivious to the ruminations of my thoughts as to the blandness of the day.

Walk over, I returned home and decided to bake some caramel shortbread and tackle the household chores. The dull day was demanding boring jobs to be done. Why spoil a sunny day! Carmel shortbread seems to take forever, lots of waiting for things to cool down. This was fine, I could fit other jobs around the waiting. I still managed to fit in a couple of 5 min sketches of my four-legged friends. They seemed equally uninspired by the day, preferring to sleep most of the time.

alfie sketch lying

Although Alfred is our dog and we love him, he is without doubt a very peculiar shape! If he was fatter he would make the perfect foot stool. He is a wirehaired dachshund and at 9 years old-looking very grey and scraggy. He loves the fire, blankets, toast and tea.

alfie lying sketch

He looks a little strange on this one, his nose is a bit pointy, but sometimes it looks like a mouse. We have to trim his beard because he has bad teeth and the hair irritates his gums.

I did another sketch from my imagination of a lurcher. We had lurchers for about 20 years so their shape is etched in my mind. They are beautiful creatures and I miss them dearly. They are graceful and elegant with wonderful gentle natures.

Fern sketch

I sketched this as a rough idea for an easter card requested by a friend. The friends in question have a lurcher called Fern. She’s blond with a rough coat very similar to one of our dogs called Martha.


Martha stole our hearts as did all our lurchers.


This is Alfred when he was only a ‘wee’ baby cuddled up with Finley, another of our lurchers. Alfred loved to cuddle our lurchers whether they liked it or not! He would climb on top of them when they were sleeping and make himself comfy amongst their fur. Alfred was black and tan then, the same colour as Archie is now. I’m digressing now from sketching and the dullness of the day, to reminiscing about the wonderful dogs that have shared my life, but that’s ok, it took my mind of the housework for a bit. I will show you the results of my Easter card design closer to Easter…..just in case someone who shouldn’t see it does. It’s looking very cute!

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