A pleasant day, coffee and Cake!

leighton mossI’m so lucky to live just down the road from RSPB Leighton Moss, it is a place of constant pleasure and surprises. But this morning was a special visit because both our daughters came with us for coffee and cake! You guessed it, Mothers Day! So at 9.30am of we went, hoping to miss the crowds! It was a pleasant walk with signs of spring around every corner. When we arrived, surprise, surprise, it was quiet! Just a few men eating bacon sandwiches and an absence of women? It was early and the scones were just going in the oven, the atmosphere was jolly and expectant. So we ordered from the wonderful selection of cakes, gluten-free brownie and ginger and date crumble with coffees all round, oh, and a toasted tea cake – delicious!  It wasn’t long before people were arriving with the smell of scones in the air and being greeted by the welcoming staff. We got the seat by the window where an array of birds land on the feeder outside, blue tits, chaffinch, bull finches, robins, great tits, coal tits and nut hatches. There is a constant feeding frenzy, and sometimes a woodpecker arrives! So after much chatter we went on our way back home across the fields passing the lambs. Nature doing it’s best to break through the cold winters earth to give us the beauty of spring. It’s still early, but everything is there waiting to burst into flower. The buds on the trees and bushes, the delicate blooms hiding in the undergrowth waiting for the slightest warmth from the sun to push their heads up and shine in all their glory!


The crocus is one of my favourite spring flowers, such brilliant centres of orange or yellow. The day was fairly dull and not ideal for photography, so here’s one I took earlier in the week.

the row pond

Even dull days can make a picture more interesting sometimes. We walked past Bank Well, a local pond, and checked for frog spawn but couldn’t see any around the edges. It always seems a little dark and grim in the dip where the pond is even when there is sunshine, but none the less beautiful for being so. Some places have an eerie atmosphere or even feel a little uncomfortable, as if you’re intruding on the wildlife that inhabits it. Perhaps one should whisper and tread lightly through such places, after all, we’re just visiting the home of the creatures who live there……

tree shadows

Later in the day we took our dogs for a walk and caught a glimpse of sunshine, you had to be quick! But hey, daffodils and lovely tree shadows. How wonderful a plain road can look with the addition of a few shadows. We all wait for spring in anticipation of the summer to come and when it arrives it lifts the spirit and lightens one’s step. It’s easy to sound ‘corny’ about the arrival of spring but why not? It is something you shouldn’t ignore because it shows us nature is doing what it’s supposed to and gives us hope. So enjoy.

rabbit field2

This is our regular dog route, just a half hour from the front door, through the woods and across this lumpy bit of land which intrigues me because of the numerous meadow ant hills. There are often cattle or sheep grazing here, only ever a handful which makes it feel very old-fashioned, like being in a Thomas Hardy novel. The changing of the seasons in just this tiny bit of land is so varied and witnessing all it has to offer is fascinating. Soon there will be orchids, cowslips, wild garlic and dog violets littering the hillocks and paths.


Sorrel, catching the last of the evening sunshine. The seed heads are amazing even when shriveled and dry.


Back home to enjoy my Mothers Day flowers, some beautiful narcissus from the Scilly Isle. The scent is so strong it has filled the house!


The evening is cold now and it’s time to light the fire and maybe sketch those pesky sleepy dogs, but it seems Alfred has decided to take a sneaky peek at some ‘high brow’ literature instead of enjoying some warmth by the fire!

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