A good day for a walk and some photography.

The day started cloudy and overcast with the potential for rain. But it was a pleasant surprise when the sun came out and we were blessed with a beautiful day!  To start my day I had a walk to the Wolfhouse Cafe to enjoy a coffee with a couple of friends, but no dogs today, they stayed at home stretched out on a cushion in the sunshine.  Alfred always gets the best spot!

sofa arch&alf

Archie is difficult to photograph because he is so dark, his eyes disappear. Guess who’s sofa this is?

alf cushionalf cushion2

Alfred is looking old these days, but is so cute. Unfortunately he has lost a few teeth and he dribbles, so he always has a soggy damp mouth and the hair has gone a bit brown – lovely when he gives you a kiss! For the rest of the day I took the opportunity to photograph one of my dolls whilst the light was good. I made her as an experiment using glass eyes instead of painted eyes. She does look a little startled but I think she has character. She is jointed and moves a little like a puppet. Her head also moves and she has a solid sculpted body and painted on shoes. Her dress is vintage liberty with hand dyed silk ribbon with embroidery. Her bloomers are hand dyed muslin to match her dress. Her hair is a wig which I made from mohair and she feels lovely when you hold her, she’s sort of surreal.

doll&teddy full

Just in case your checking out the books it’s Fifty Sheds of Grey! Very funny! The bear is not mine, she’s made by Needful friends, one of my favourite bear makers.

doll& bear doll glass eyes She has no name yet, I have to live with my creations for a while before they become someone. Sometimes I don’t give them a name because the people who buy them see their personality and choose their own name. It alway’s intrigues me the names people choose according to what they see in my dolls, often something I don’t see, but that’s what makes it so interesting. A personality can emerge from a piece of clay and become its own self, it fascinates me!

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