Alfred and Archie

sofa dogs

First there was Alfred, or Alfie, he gets called lots of things, but he’s cute whatever you call him! He arrived in our lives nearly ten years ago for our daughters birthday, a tiny wonderful bundle. Believe it or not he was the same color as Archie, but now he’s grey and a bit ‘smelly’. He’s always had a strong character and a very expressive face and responds like a mood barometer when he’s in a room with us. If your sad or cross he come’s to comfort you, nuzzling and scunching his nose up to your face whilst making cute little noises…….it’s really quite touching! When he lies down by the fire on his bed, occasionally a wood spark pops out and lands by him, he gets up and tries to push the cinder away with his nose until it’s off his bed! We only witnessed this lately and we now put the guard up, poor wee man!

alfie chairalfred coat

Alfred loves the sunshine as it cascades through the living room window in the mornings. He follows it round balancing on cushions in search of the warmest spot. But…..the cold he hates! So I knitted him a jumper, which I extended to cover his long back. It’s pure wool Rowan tweed and I have to say…..he’s not keen, but he’s happy once he’s out feeling the benefit. Plus, he get’s lots of compliment and attention, even if he does look embarrassed.

the boys3the boys close

And then there were two…. Along came Archie! Fours years old and in need of a home. Alfred was starting to suffer from anxiety, common in older dogs. So the Vet suggested some company may help. With that in mind we went about finding him a pal. Archie came from Norfolk and was suffering from a lack of attention and love. He was quiet and shut down, scared of cars and didn’t know how to receive or come for love. Three months later he is a different dog. Enjoys his walks, comes for cuddles, barks at the postman, kisses us and shows his love clearly, as we do to him! Every day he gets better and his true character is coming through. He’s cheeky, funny and thinks he can fly, jumping off anything, which is scary! But the best thing is Alfred loves him, no more anxiety, brilliant!

the boys

I have been trying to sketch them lately. I am using a drawing pen to stop me adding detail as I would be tempted to do so if using a pencil, or rub out mistakes They take a couple of minutes, mistakes and all. You have to be quick as they seem to know I’m drawing them, and move, which is very anoying. I’m going to try and sketch them everyday to see how I improve, and perhaps add some watercolour eventually.


Both sketches are Alfred. He’s such a scuffy, greasy looking dog. His nose looks like a little mouse!

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