Wet – damp – miserable day!

2 dogs

Sunday today, and it’s wet and cold! Sometimes on a winter’s day in England the temperature may not be that cold but the damp really makes you feel like it gets into your bones. Today was one of those days. Alfred and Archie, our two wirehaired Dachshunds, had no intentions of venturing outside as they hate the rain, so the view out of the window was the next best thing! Didn’t really achieve much today, but I did make some gluten free scones and in the afternoon decided to go to a friend’s house and share them – what are rainy days for if not to enjoy some company and eat!

scones scones tub

After several disasters, this is my best recipe for gluten-free scones, you can’t tell they have no wheat flour in them, or so everyone tells me! Served with some home-made apple and cardamom jam and a fresh pot of Earl Grey tea – who cares about the weather!

janets chair
Janet’s cat Woody.

Good chat, plenty of tea and a beautiful house occupied by our friends cats…..and them of course!

Poppy sitting comfortably, her eyes matching the cushion perfectly.

A wet day can pass much quicker in the company of friends, but it was time to go home and see our dogs as Woody and Poppy would not have enjoyed their company. The evening was drawing in and it was time to light our fire and settle for the evening, not a bad day after all.  Certainly Alfred and Archie seem happy!

dogs fire
It’s a dogs life!

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