Dolls and vintage lace…

Sometimes I find some old lace and have to create something special to allow it to live again. It may be torn, have small brown marks and even a musty smell, the smell of age, which I quite like! But such history deserves a unique platform to breath new life into hand-made lace so I sculpted my first paperclay doll with articulated limbs. She sits on a wooden seat with back and rusty wire.

doll fulldress detail doll

Still some lace left and late 18th century silk from a tattered night-gown. More little creatures made from paperclay and well suited to lace appeared in my studio. The first demanded  glasses and red hair, and a slightly prim expression, followed by a delicate blond-haired doll equally prim.

dool glasses copyDSCF0024blond doll copy

4 thoughts on “Dolls and vintage lace…

  1. Beautiful dolls and the costuming is equistite! I have just started making sculpted cloth dolls but I think I have a bit of a way to go before I reach your level of detailing. I quite agree that there is something special about the musty smell of old fabrics.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I love making dolls and I can see you do to! There’s a cloth doll maker called ttps:// I think you would like her work, she works all in cloth. I’ve just made a partial sculpted/cloth doll I will post about soon. Happy doll making x


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